de lorenzoramosbenitezInformation : Statement

Lorenzo Ramos Benítez

peinture/ estampe/ dessin/ illustration

painting/ printmaking/ drawing/ illustration


Goya 8, 3º 1ª

08440 Cardedeu, Barcelone

The most recent works which I am working on are inspired in the designs of identical wallpapers, tile and ceramic floors that decorate our houses.

These prints are placed on the surface of very different places. The majority of them remain outdoors, they are parts of empty buildings and are  the unique elements that resemble the buildings that were constructed on them. Now they delimit an opened space that wins the Nature and life returns gradually.

A substantial part of my process of creation consists in the compilation of those decorative materials with artistic value that have signs of domestic life. Thanks to it I can reinterpretate these vestiges of intimacy and to reconstruct with help of the paper Manila (generally made through a less refined process than other types of paper), the pencils of graphite and coal, the inks of engraving, the gouache, the craft papers and the latex, the collective memory of the daily life of those people that inhabited those demolished homes.

August 2015